• How to deposit with Bitcoin using Coinbase

    Easier than what you think

    In this universe you can use your cryptos to recharge your balance. It's instant and low fees! Try this payment method and go faster to your principal mission: have fun and make money! The best wallet to do it is CoinBase. It is a way to use your Bitcoins or another cryptocurrency, with secure storage, protection insurance and good industry practices.


    How to deposit with cryptos using Coinbase

    Here you have the step by step way to deposit with Coinbase. You have to be logged in your Universal Slots account and go to Cashier section and choose your favorite crypto.

    1. Copy the address. That's and unique code we give to you can deposit with your criptocurrencie.


    2. Go to Coinbase website, log in your account, go to 'Portfolio' and choose the 'Send' button


    3. Paste the address you copy before and enter the ammount you want to deposit to your account


    4. And when you see this message, you'll be done! 

    If you want, you can go to your 'Transactions' section and check the movement you did. Go back to your casino account and you'll be ready to keep playing! 


    And finally, you can go back to our Deposit section and see the status of your transaction.